Lord Black: REMAIN IN EU

Ten reasons why I, as a Eurosceptic, patriotic Conservative, am passionate about REMAIN

Commonwealth must act on media freedoms

The Commonwealth was told it must act to protect media freeoms during a speech by Lord Black of Brentwood, Chairman of the Commonwealth Press Union Media Trust, at the Commonwealth Journalists’ Association Conference on “The Future of Journalism in the Digital Age”, London, 11th April 2016.

Battle of the Somme: Centenary

Lord Black spoke in a deabte in the House of Lords about the Battle of the Somme marking the centenary of the battle.

Criminal Cases Review: Cross-Party support

There was cross party support in a debate in the House of Lords on Friday 26th February for a call by Lord Black to include safeguards for confidentiality of sources in the Criminal Cases Review Commission (Information) Bill.

News Media Europe: Launched

Lord Black, Vice-President, of News Media Europe spoke at the launch event in Brussels. He outlined many challenges facing Europe's news publishers.

"AIDS: criminalisation kills"

Lord Black told the House of Lords that criminalisation of homosexuality, particularly in the Commonwealth, leads to greater HIV infection rates.