Speeches in Parliament

"Crisis in sexual health" - action needed now as time is not on our side

In a question in the House of Lords on 24th February, Lord Black (who is a Patron of the Terrence Higgins Trust) challenged the Government about what he described as a "crisis in sexual health" - with infections and antimicrobial resistance on the rise and clinics closing because of cutbacks.

"Northern Ireland's libel laws must change"

Speaking in the debate on the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill in the House of Lords on 15th July, Lord Black of Brentwood called for the terms of the Defamation Act 2013 - which is in place in England and Wales - to be extended to Northern Ireland.

Lord Black tackles government about atrial fibrillation

7,000 people in England admitted to hospital with a stroke last year were already known to have Atrial fibrillation (or AF) but not receiving proper therapy, Lord Black has told the House of Lords.