Speeches in Parliament

Lord Black tackles government about atrial fibrillation

7,000 people in England admitted to hospital with a stroke last year were already known to have Atrial fibrillation (or AF) but not receiving proper therapy, Lord Black has told the House of Lords.

HIV and hepatitis C

During a debate in the House of Lords about HIV infection on the 1st December,  Lord Black raised the problem of co-infection with HIV and hepatitis C. He also asked what steps the government are taking to also identify, diagnose and treat people who are co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C.

In praise of our animal welfare charities and their volunteer armies

In a speech in a House of Lords debate on the role of charities in civil society, Lord Black praised the role of animal welfare charities, and paid tribute to the thousands of volunteers who work for them and to the vital service they provide. This is the text of his remarks.