Speeches in Parliament

HIV and hepatitis C

During a debate in the House of Lords about HIV infection on the 1st December,  Lord Black raised the problem of co-infection with HIV and hepatitis C. He also asked what steps the government are taking to also identify, diagnose and treat people who are co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C.

In praise of our animal welfare charities and their volunteer armies

In a speech in a House of Lords debate on the role of charities in civil society, Lord Black praised the role of animal welfare charities, and paid tribute to the thousands of volunteers who work for them and to the vital service they provide. This is the text of his remarks. 


Journalistic sources: must be protected

 Lord Black spoke during the passage of the Investigatory Powers Bill about the importance of the protection of journalistic sources as he attempted, with others, to introduce an amendment that would guarantee their protection. He told the Lords that: “The protection of sources is crucial for investigative reporting, whistleblowing and indeed free and unfettered political debate. Without adequate protection, investigative journalism becomes almost impossible, whistleblowers do not come forward to the press and wider media to alert them to issues of public interest, and political debate becomes sterile and bland.”The full speech is below.

LGBT Hate Crimes

During a statement to the House of Lords about hate crime, Lord Black raised with the Minister the problem of hate crimes against the LGBT community.

Battle of the Somme: Centenary

Lord Black spoke in a deabte in the House of Lords about the Battle of the Somme marking the centenary of the battle.

Criminal Cases Review: Cross-Party support

There was cross party support in a debate in the House of Lords on Friday 26th February for a call by Lord Black to include safeguards for confidentiality of sources in the Criminal Cases Review Commission (Information) Bill.

"AIDS: criminalisation kills"

Lord Black told the House of Lords that criminalisation of homosexuality, particularly in the Commonwealth, leads to greater HIV infection rates.